Dear Congressman

Congressman Rokita,

First of all, thank you for your service to the state of Indiana. I know it is not easy to balance representing your district with enacting good policy, and I thank you for your work as a public official. I am especially glad that you have stood up for life in the U.S. House of Representatives.

However, I’m severely disappointed in the recent antics of House Republicans in repeatedly holding wasteful votes to repeal Obamacare. While clearly this is a terrible piece of legislation, repealing it isn’t going to go anywhere as long as the Democrats hold the Senate. Any votes taken to try until the Republicans gain the Senate and possibly the Presidency is simply wasting taxpayer money and completely irresponsible.

I just graduated college and was actively involved with the College Republicans. Among young people, there is a perception that the Republican party is outdated and irrelevent to their lives. While this is obviously not true, such antics which have been seen in Congress led by Republicans has given us little to defend our position. This is truly disappointing for the next generation of Republicans.

As I said before, the Affordable Care Act is clearly bad legislation and many parts of it should be replaced. Instead of simply repealing it, however, it would be nice if the House Republicans would offer some of their own suggestions that would actually do something to make our healthcare system better. I’m not saying some grand overhaul–at this point anything productive would be an improvement. I recently read an article on the Atlantic that provided some intriguing possibilities. While I’m not suggesting all of them are worthy of legislation, I believe they would be worth looking at as a starting point for positive discussion. The article can be found here:

I sincerely hope you will give my suggestion consideration, and if nothing else that the House Republicans will consider positive solutions to fixing ACA without wasting more taxpayer money. Republican supporters across the country worked hard to create a Republican majority in the House–let’s not waste this opportunity.

Thank you for reading,
Aurora Dreyling

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