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I was listening to Catholic Answers on traditional marriage on the way home from work today, when something hit me. When we approach the discussion, there seems to be an unspoken assumption that men and women are indistinguishable, that a mother or father in a child’s life is replaceable. Same sex couples should be able to adopt and raise children, because there’s no difference between their ability to be good parents and a heterosexual couple (so the assumption goes). I don’t think I’d really registered that before. And I don’t think I buy it. It’s the same crappy argument behind the sexual revolution and the fight for “women’s rights”: that the only way men and women can be equal is if they are identical, indistinguishable.

And as an aside, the debate on Catholic Answers was actually almost nonreligious: the only people bringing up religion were those supporting gay marriage. The more I learn about the topic, the more interesting it becomes!
A resource with 77 secular reasons against gay marriage, if you’re interested:
EDIT:  The link above says you need to buy it, but really you just have to go to the shop and “purchase” the free, downloadable copy.  It asks for your address and such though, so I’ll post the link here for anyone uncomfortable with that.

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