Post Office Shenanigans

It all started out when Amazon Local (if you don’t know about it, gogogo!  Is like Groupon or LivingSocial) ran a voucher for $20 off a refurbished Kindle, bringing the price down to $49.  I’d been considering getting a Kindle, but since I have an iPad didn’t see a need for it.  The price convinced me though, and I ordered one that day.  Unfortunately, having just moved, I forgot to double check the address.  Off it went to Speedway.  I didn’t catch my mistake immediately, and by the time I did Amazon had already shipped it.

So, I called Amazon and explained my silliness.  The Amazon dude said he’d call the post office and see if they could ship it back to Amazon.  Meanwhile, he said he’d put a $20 credit on my account so I could reorder a new one to my correct address without losing the value of my voucher.

Late the next day, I tracked my package to make sure he’d managed to cancel its delivery when the tracking thing said it had been delivered.  It was too late to call the post office, but the next day I spent a considerable amount of time trying to do that.  The local post office never answered, despite many calls.  I called their toll-free number and eventually made my way through the menus to talk to an actual person.  They tracked my package and said that it had already been delivered.  I explained that I had recently moved and submitted a change of address card, and that no one lived there.  They informed me that they delivered to addresses and not names, so my change of address card didn’t matter.  My only option apparently was to go to the apartment and see if it was outside the door.

Well, I live an hour and a half from my old address, but I called the office of the apartment complex and explained the situation.  They said they’d send someone to check and assured me that no one lived in my old apartment, so no one could have accepted it.  They checked both the mailbox and the hall, but no package.  I assumed it had been lost or stolen.

Frustrated, I decided to call Amazon and let them know what had happened so they would be more cautious about using USPS in the future.  They quickly assured me that they would send me a new Kindle to my new address.  I gave them my new address, in awe of Amazon’s awesomeness, and it arrived at my door less than 24 hours later.  All had been righted, and I love my new Kindle.

So that should be the end of the story, right?  Except in the middle of the next week, I opened my mailbox to find my original Kindle with a yellow forwarding slip.  They had already delivered it, huh?  Apparently when they said delivered they meant forwarded to my new address.  Sigh.  So, I called Amazon to get a shipping label so I could return the second Kindle.  They’d been so kind and helpful with my problem, it only seemed appropriate to return the Kindle I hadn’t paid for.

And so ends my saga (hopefully).  Moral of the story:  USPS has a terrible tracking system!!

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